Instructions - Sure Cuts a Lot Software (Versions 4 and 5 Only)

Instructions for Your Single Line Fonts©™ OPF Version Font:

As described on our website, these fonts are not installable the way regular fonts are in Windows or on Macs.  These will work in these programs only:

Pazzles InVue
Make The Cut
Sure Cuts a Lot


Unzipping: For Windows, right-click on the file and click Unzip.   The unzipped files will be in the same folder that the zip file is in.   On MacBooks: Double-Click on the file and it will unzip.


Sure Cuts a Lot:
Go to the text menu, click on load font, find and select the OPF font version, and it is loaded and ready for use.

Characteristics of your new Single Line Fonts©™ SLF-OPF Fonts:

These font are different than our fonts that begin with only an “SLF” prefix.  These fonts are not installable in Windows or Mac operating systems.  These SLF-OPF versions are native only to the three programs listed above.  They are not for use in word processing programs such as Word.  Single Line Fonts©™ makes no warranty that your font will be usable in any other programs.

Your cutter will go over the lines only one time.  There are no outlines. 


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